Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The World Race

A very good friend of mine will soon be embarking on a great adventure. Ben Boynton will be participating in the World Race this year. The World Race is an intense Missions Trip that takes its missionaries to 11 different countries in the span of 11 months. While overseas, Ben and his team will be spreading the Gospel and aiding the people's physical and spiritual needs. I know God will do great things on this trip. It's my sincere hope that we aid them here in the U.S. with prayer and, if possible, financial aid.

I have known Ben for my whole life and can say he has a heart for people. Regardless of who you are or where you've been, Ben is one of those guys that will come along side you and be your friend, no questions asked. I truly believe that God is sending him on this trip and will use him to bless everyone he comes in contact with. Please consider lending him your support in some way, shape, or form! 

What you can do to Help

Financial Support: Ben is currently trying to raise money to participate in this fantastic mission. Any bit of support you can provide is welcome, whether it be 50 cents or 50 dollars.

Follow and Share his Blog: The more people that know about his trip means more prayers and support! He'll be chronicling his adventures in his blog so I know for for a fact it will be a good read.

Prayer: Pray! Pray! Pray! Every single prayer makes a difference! Pray for his safe travel, his support raising, and peace of mind. It's no small thing to do what he is doing. He is taking a big step of faith and I know our prayers will be one of the fuels that keeps him going.

Link to Ben's Blog:

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