Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gaming with a Purpose-The Humble Double Fine Bundle.

A new Humble Bundle is out folks! For those of you who don't know what the 'Humble Bundle' is it is a collection of indie games that are available at a 'name your own price' rate. In most cases, buying each of these games separately at retail price can amount to somewhere around sixty dollars. With the Humble Bundle name your own price feature you can pay as little as $1.00. Of course, they do give you incentive to spend more. For example, during this humble bundle if you spend at least $7.50 you would receive the game 'Brutal Legend' as a bonus along with three other games included in the bundle.

The best part? Part (or all if you decide, but we'll get to that shortly) goes to charities like The American Red Cross. With intuitive price sliders, you can decide how much goes to charity, how much goes to the indie developers, and how much goes to Humble Bundle Inc. As far as I understand it, it is the developers themselves that decide whether or not to have their game hosted on the Humble Bundle site. This is incredibly admirable considering the amount of time, effort, and money these indie developers put into their games.

If you're a gamer, chances are you're going to buy video games sooner rather than later. Consider giving the Humble Bundle a chance. Your money will go towards helping others AND you'll get to play some pretty cool games!

Check out "The Humble Double Fine Bundle" here:

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